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0-10V dimmable controller. 800Wats/PC




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0-10V Dimbare Controller inclusief Afstands bediening
Led Controller inclusief afstandsbediening.

1-10V regelbaar. Is geschikt voor onze Ledpanelen
Voor de 1-10V dimbare led driver zie Greenline Budget
Led Paneel Dimbare Driver 1-10V 45W Leddriver

LED Dimmer für Panel SRPL010V einschließlich Handsender.
2. Specifications

1) Max load power: 800w
2) Supply voltage: AC90-240V 50/60Hz
3) Output: 1 channel
4) Switch Max current: 5A
5) Adjust the voltage and current: 10%-90%
6) Dimming range: 0-100%, no frequency glisten
7) Control mode: Manually and IR remote
8) Angle of rotation: 320
9) Dim voltage: 0-10V
10) Scheduled shut down: 1-4 hours
11) Remote distance: 10M
12) Compatible above 90% led driver which based on standard 0/1-10V dimming signal

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